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WILD rainbow trout
WILD rainbow trout
WILD rainbow trout

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What's New at Stewart's Lodge...
rustic cabins at Nimpo Lake
rustic cabins at Nimpo Lake
Hear the call... fly fishing... wild trout!
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Front: Fifty years of fishin'... flyin'... and having fun! 50th poster made by the grandchildren for Nana Stewart.
Mouse over: Nana (Ginny) Stewart, now Stewart-McLean, with grandchildren at the 50th bash.
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Season Closer... 1953 - 2003, that's right!!!
50 years have slipped by at Stewart's Lodge on Nimpo Lake. Based on conservative numbers of fishers and fish fought... over a period of 50 years ...approximately one million WILD rainbow trout, with hundreds of thousands of those released, have been fought by our fishermen and fisherwomen since 1953.
Is it any wonder we want to conserve this pleasurable sport? We have 4 sons growing up around the business with keen interest in 'taking over'. We are thrilled with the fact that they prefer fly fishing and although we enjoy eating trout... the boys are all learning to limit their kill and will never purposefully kill trout in the streams. The fight always brings the most pleasure and tasting the smoked trout is only second to that.
This year marked 50 years for Stewart's Lodge. Although Bob Stewart passed away in April of 2001, his wife Ginny Stewart-McLean and her new husband, Don McLean, visited the lodge at Nimpo in August. The lodge threw a big celebration dinner in honour of 50 years... Ginny's 26 years, and our 24 years of service along with a faithful staff of 2003.
Our huge thanks to these individuals...
wild rainbow trout

Assistant Manager... James Rawlings

wild rainbow trout

Chef and Kitchen Assistant... Richard Culos and Patti Kantymir

wild rainbow trout

TAS pilots... Ian Shipmaker, Con York, Doug Clarke, Floyd Vaughn

wild rainbow trout

TAS maintenance... Alex Sage

wild rainbow trout

Cleaning Staff... Donna and Laura Lindahl

wild rainbow trout

Guides... Paul Lowrie and Pat Spohr

wild rainbow trout

TAS Parks Facilitator... George Probek

wild rainbow trout

Domestic Caregiver... Deve Palermo

wild rainbow trout

Special thanks to... Joy Rawlings and Amy York

We'd also like to thank every individual person who has ever worked at Stewart's Lodge in the past 50 years.

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WILD rainbow trout

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