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WILD rainbow trout
WILD rainbow trout
WILD rainbow trout

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What's New at Stewart's Lodge...
mouse over + click to see more... rustic cabins at Nimpo Lake
rustic cabins at Nimpo Lake
Hear the call... fly fishing... wild trout!
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Front: Early morning sun warms the lodge in late-summer... still a great view!
Mouse over: On a clear day, the flight with Coastal Airlines takes you over spectacular mountain peaks... one of many!
Click: Sights to be seen... a mule deer taken by surprise as we rounded a bend in the river while walking our riverboat up through a shallow run!

May 2008...
It's been a late, cool Spring... and we just hope and pray that the ice is off before you first fishers arrive!
Here's what's new at Stewart's Lodge and Camps...
Toms Lake... received a brand new roof last fall thanks to nephew, Nels Lindahl and his father-in-law. Any of you that have been at Toms the last couple years just had to pray it didn't rain during your stay. Hey, hey... you will be sleeping on new beds and mattresses this year at Toms Lake.
Stewart Lake... got new neighbours, as Crazy Bear Lake Lodge, took new ownership.
Nimpo Lake main lodge... new chandeliers in the dining room to lighten up your meals, especially nice for any of you that are watching your weight. The fly box in the office will be filled, awaiting the arrival of your discerning eye. Pilot, Ralph Saunders, has brought his honky tonk piano into the lodge lounge area to tickle your ears in the eve. The newer van for airport shuttle service has been a great improvement. Yes! It has air conditioning, for those 10 hot days of the season.
Speaking of hot... if you have never fished the upper Dean River, it is a must before you die. This is the perfect location to feel like a pro fly fisher in one day. If you prefer quantity (loosing count), over quality (larger, but fewer fish), make sure it is on your list for a fly out this year.
Keep in mind the best suited fly rod and reel for fishing our country is a #5 weight rod and reel with both a floating line for the rivers and streams and a fast sinking line for trolling the lakes. And be sure to check out our Fishing Reports... we'll be posting reports for 2008 as the fishin' season cranks it up!
You'll be seeing red! The pine beetle has killed every mature and some not so mature pine trees as far as the eye can see in any direction from your window of the Beaver or Cessna. We so appreciate the spruce and aspen trees more than ever now. Caribou have been hanging around Nimpo Lake in the winter months and are now showing up occasionally on the highway and meadows in the summer.
Booked a trip to Tweedsmuir Wilderness Camp or one of our outposts and would like additional information to what is posted on our web site? Please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-ON THE FLY or send us email... we would be happy to fill you in.

This season marks the Stewart family's 56th year, of fishing and adventure from the shores of Nimpo Lake. We are ready to do some other adventures with our lives as partners and parents, so we have everything for sale. It's a buyers' market right now... www.McCowans.com ...check out the Stewart's Lodge & Camps listing!
See you up here!!!
Stewart's Lodge... we can make your fishing dreams come true! return to top

NEWS WILD rainbow trout

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