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WILD rainbow trout
WILD rainbow trout
WILD rainbow trout

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What's New at Stewart's Lodge...
rustic cabins at Nimpo Lake
rustic cabins at Nimpo Lake
Hear the call... fly fishing... wild trout!
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Front: It's finished, the bar that is! Leandra Vos serving up a 'cold one' to a Stewart guest.
Mouse over: Our bar has all the fixin's, including a brass foot rail for guests to get comfy while whettin' their whistle!
Click: An early, misty morning on Nimpo Lake... two guests waiting for the 'tug'.

May thru June 2006...
It's been busy at Nimpo and the fishin's fine! We are posting our first update for 2006... guests and friends who came to fish, explore or just relax and get away from it all have kept the Stewarts, our lodge staff and fishing guides in good company. To those who have been here before, thanks for returning to wet a line or doing what you love to do in the West Chilcotin!
As always, we've been focused on what we do best... putting guests into the West Chilcotin backcountry for some awesome WILD rainbow trout fishing, hiking and experiencing the quietude of our lakes and streams.
Lodge News...
Barb Gelfant, a guest with Stewart's Lodge in 2005, was the winner of our seasonal draw and she's coming up for a return trip to pick up her Orvis rod and reel. Now we're betting that she'll put her new 'rig' to some good use while she's here. Congrats Barb... we look forward to seeing you at the Lodge!
New faces on staff at the Lodge... Leandra Vos, our kitchen assistant and tender of the bar, has fit right in helping Richard Culos, our chef who is back for his fourth season. Leandra is fluent in five different languages, so she's also been helping with guests at the front desk when translation is required.
From time-to-time you'll see familiar faces as pilots Doug Clarke, Ian Shipmaker and Aron Sced will be back at Tweedsmuir Air, doing what they love to do... flyin' floats in the West Chilcotin! The Stewart boys have been up for their annual 'holiday' at Nimpo and Danny plans to be there for July and August, to lend a helping hand as a fishing friend for guests when the need arises.
We are continuing to improve on what we have, adding saloon doors between the dining room, office and kitchen... adds some western character and is a great complement to our bar that received its finishing touches this season.
Be sure to check out the current Fishing Report... one of our guests who regularly returns to the Lodge described this season as an epic year ...and we thought 2005 was awesome!

Booked a trip to Tweedsmuir Wilderness Camp or one of our outposts and would like additional information to what is posted on our web site? Please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-ON THE FLY or send us email... we would be happy to fill you in.
If you have a story and/or pictures of your trip to SLC that you would like to submit - please do - you just may find your adventures in the West Chilcotin posted on our web site!
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NEWS WILD rainbow trout

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