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Stewart's Lodge & Camps

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Stewart's Lodge... your Highway 20 Destination on Nimpo Lake!
lake fishing for WILD rainbow trout
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Tourism British Columbia Approved Accommodation
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Looking for some 'soft adventures' while you are on the road?

Stewart's Lodge on Nimpo Lake is the perfect destination to take a break in your drive on Highway 20 and experience some of the very best the West Chilcotin has to offer.

Aside from great lakeside accommodation, we are within easy flying distance to outdoor adventure that abounds in the vicinity of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park... Turner Lake Chain, Rainbow Mountains, Monarch Icefields, Mackenzie Grease Trail, countless lakes and streams with ample WILD trout ...and much more!
Make plans for a stopover at Stewart's Lodge on Nimpo Lake... you'll be glad you did!
Ala Carte Rates for the Highway 20 Traveller effective: June 2018

At Nimpo Lake
Lodge Plan cabin, 3 meals, boat and motor $150.00 per person/night
Half Pension dinner, cabin, breakfast $100.00 per person/night
B&B cabin, breakfast $75.00 per person/night
  # 1 3 bedroom log house $250.00 per night
  # 2 2 bedroom log house $225.00 per night
  # 3 1 bed/1 room log cabin $125.00 per night
  # 4, 5 2 bed/1 room log cabin $150.00 per night
  each additional person $20.00 per night
Cabin rates based on double occupancy. All cabins at Nimpo Lake include private bathroom with shower or bath.
Boat $50.00
$50.00 Both $100.00
per day
Canoe $40.00
per day

At Backcountry Outposts or Tweedsmuir Park
  Outpost cabins: U-Supply $100.00 per person/night
    Fully stocked $150.00 per person/night
  Rustic cabins at Tweedsmuir Wilderness Camp on Turner Lake $50.00 per night
Boat $50.00
$50.00 Both $100.00
per day
Canoe $50.00
per day

Floatplane Adventures
Flightsee Hunlen Falls, Monarch Icefields and Rainbow Range ...ask about these spectacular flightseeing tours by air available through Tweedsmuir Air! Air tours start at $100.00 per person. For more info, click here.
Day Trips Fly out fishing... trips start at $350.00 per person. For more info, click here.
Fly out backcountry hiking... trips start at $250.00 per person. For more info, click here.

Also available...
Fishing Licenses Available online... ...1 day, 8 day and annual
Guide Service Guide service available by advanced request at $125 per person (2 person minimum; 3rd person add $125; 4 person maximum)
Fish Smoking $50.00 min... includes vacuum packaging
Aviation Fuel 100 L.L... at current rates
All prices are subject to applicable taxes.
Stewart's Lodge... the perfect destination for Highway 20 travellers! return to top

WILD rainbow trout

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